At Musicland East We Carry Out Major and Minor Repairs and Routine Servicing, On Site, On All Instruments and Most Amplification equipment. Including:

All String Instruments
All Woodwind and Brass Instruments
Pianos and Keyboards
Drum Kits and Percussion
Vintage Equipment
Guitar Effects Pedals

We Always Endeavour to have Your Instrument Returned to You Within One Week.

It is well worth giving us a call for a discussion of prices and when you would like your work done by, but remember it is difficult for us to give you an accurate quote or time frame without first seeing the instrument and thus assessing that the work that needs doing and the parts which may be necessary. Feel free to call ahead for rough estimates, but bringing your instrument down for us to see is a good idea because often the problem can be small and isolated enough to fix there and then.

Some small repairs, like fitting a single string for instance can take under five minutes and so can be done while you wait, but for best results a full restring with a clean up and slight neck adjustment it's best to leave it with us over night so we can recheck and readjust the next morning to make sure of the best job done possible.

If you are a band or working musician with a large amount of equipment that needs to be checked over, discounts can be negotiated, but please remember that our time is valuable to us as well as our other customers.

A Descent Repair or Service is all About Long Lasting Improvement in Tuning, Balance Across the Instrument's Range, and Ease of Play.

All instruments are not created equal, but practically any instrument can be improved as a tool for creating music by being looked over by an experienced professional.

We focus mainly on the mechanical aspects of instrument service, but we also carry all the appropriate cleaning and finishing products for the instruments we work on. A fret-board that smells of lemon oil and has that dark warmth to the wood, or a trumpet that shines like the day it was new are both wonderful things!

We Know How We Like Our Own Instruments, but Knowing How You Like Yours Set Up is Very Important to a Satisfactory Outcome.

Heavy or Light Gauge Strings? With a High or Low Action? Do you like your keys to fight back or seal with the touch of a feather? Talk to us about what you're looking for, the type of music you play, and what you've tried before to get the best results from us.

If you're unsure then feel free to trust our decisions, we've been doing this for a long, long, long time......

Give us a call on 0208 979 9443 or simply pop into the store during our opening hours for more information or to book in your instrument, we look forward to meeting you!