At Musicland East we aim to make musicians. We strongly believe that the best place to do this is in a community atmosphere completely geared towards the pursuit of better music. There are great advantages to have your tuition take place were all of your musical needs can be met, and our students all seem to thrive in the store's vibe.

The instruments we currently teach are:

Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar
Classical Guitar

All of our lessons are done in store and are on a one to one basis. Our four dedicated teaching rooms in the store are kitted out to offer the very best resources for learning your instrument, and as we also carry out professional repairs on site, we can offer instant help with your instrument as well. We also have a large range of sheet music, which often gets used in lessons.

As musicians (even novices) are individuals, individual one to one lessons are by far the best way to go, but there is obviously no reason why lessons can't be observed, a friend sit in for a lesson or two, or two friends or family members learn together, just be sure to let the teacher know.

We offer lessons to essentially all ages, and our current students are fairly evenly spread across all demographics, but parents with children under the age of seven are encouraged to view the first few lessons as a trial of the pupil as well as the teacher!

If your looking to be able to play the chords to a few songs and finger pick a bit on guitar, strum a ukulele on a summer's day, form a casual or working band, develop singing or songwriting skills, or to develop the skills of a performing classical or jazz musician, our full time staff of teachers have done all this and more, and are all more than qualified and experienced to call themselves experts in their fields.

We tailor our lessons to what you want to learn, but you can also expect a lot of guidance if not always in direction in order to get better.

Whilst by no means a requirement for students, all of our teachers can help you with sight reading and can competently take you through any grade exam on any exam board if you or they feel this is the best way to maintain long term progress.

All of our lessons are geared towards giving you the skills and knowledge needed to make your own music and play the music of others that you love.

Our lessons are currently priced at £15 per half hour lesson and usually take place on a weekly basis, however some students prefer to do an hour a week, and others still find fortnightly lessons work better for their budget, one particularly eager student of mine does two separate half hours a week!

You are not obligated to pay for more than one lesson at a time, but happily we can report that over 90% of our students remain with us long term simply because they want to.

Progress is important to us, and we know our music, but we always try to keep things fun and accessible.

To Book Your First Lesson Or Enquire Further, Give us a Call on 0208 979 9443 or Alternatively Pop into the Store to Pick Up a Card and Have a Chat With Us. We're Looking Forward to It!